Pages of Power: Forced Alliances and Unexpected Love in ‘Brutal Prince’ By Sophie Lark!

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Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark


They’re a match made in Hell.

The Griffins and the Gallos have been battling for control of Chicago’s underworld for generations. Their rivalry has always been flammable, but it reignites with a fury when Aida, the youngest and wildest Gallo sibling, crashes a party at the Griffin mansion and accidentally sets fire to the library. To stave off all-out war, her father quickly arranges a marriage between her and Callum Griffin, eldest son and heir to the Irish mafia.

Cold, ambitious, and brutal, Callum is determined to tame his headstrong new bride. But Aida is more than capable of giving as good as she gets―starting with poisoning Callum on their wedding night. The problem is, murdering him would be a lot easier if he didn’t look so good while she was trying to do it.

She’s got a lockbox around her heart. He’s got something to prove.

In their struggle for dominance, who will go up in flames first?

In the heart of Chicago, the age-old rivalry between the Griffins and the Gallos takes center stage. The city, a battleground of influence, sets the scene for a modern-day struggle for dominance. Callum Griffin, heir to a wealthy dynasty, seeks to amplify his family’s power by running for alderman. Little does he know that his path to power will collide with Aida Gallo, the spirited daughter of the rival clan. Recognizing the changing tides in Chicago’s power dynamics, the patriarchs decide unity is the key. An alliance between the Griffins and Gallos becomes imperative. Callum, eyeing the alderman position, needs the influential Italian vote, while the Gallos, facing challenges from rival factions, see an opportunity to align with the Griffins. A drastic solution emerges to solidify this uneasy alliance: Callum and Aida must marry. Despite their mutual disdain, the necessity of the alliance compels them into a reluctant union. Forced to spend time together, they unravel each other’s complexities, discovering that perhaps the other isn’t as detestable as initially thought. As Callum and Aida embark on their reluctant journey of matrimony, they discover hidden facets of each other. Initial animosity transforms into a fierce attraction, challenging their preconceived notions. Yet, amidst the blossoming love, external threats loom large. Rivals vying for control of Chicago’s underworld add a layer of suspense that keeps readers eagerly turning the pages. Let those pages turn, and the intrigue deepen!


The book has trigger warnings and contains dark romance themes. If you do not like dark romance themes, I would suggest not reading this book

About the author:

Sophie Lark started writing romance to create strong, intelligent female characters. All of her couples are different, but in every case, the hero and heroine need each other to become the best version of themselves. Readers, be warned, Sophie Lark’s stories are intense: they will suck you into her world and have you laughing, bawling, and digging your nails into your Kindle, until you’re begging for the next book!

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