Immerse Yourself in The Tarkhanov Empire: A Book Recommendation

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Are you ready for our latest literary escape of the week? Our book recommendation of the week is “The Tarkhanov Empire” by the talented Bree Porter🎉🎉🎉🎉. This mesmerizing piece promises to whisk you away on a journey filled with intrigue, passion, and unforeseen twists. Discover the mysterious world that Bree Porter has crafted. As you flip through the pages, shadows dance, revealing the depths of the Tarkhanov Empire. Prepare to be swept away by the unpredictability of love in this captivating tale.⭐⭐⭐


This book contains trigger warnings. If you are not into dark romance books, I suggest to avoid reading this book.


She needs to find the antidote…but there is no cure for love.

After a year of marriage, Elena Falcone suddenly finds herself a widow and at the mercy of Konstantin Tarkhanov, Pakhan of the Tarkhanov Bratva. Determined never to return to her hometown, Elena makes a deal with the devil: Heal a sick woman and be granted her freedom…or fail and be returned to her family.

Konstantin Tarkhanov has done whatever it takes to build his empire. Now the king of Staten Island, his power has never been greater. But one more obstacle lies ahead of him before he has everything he wants–the wild and intelligent Elena Falcone.

Caught up in a complex plot in the world of poisons and gangsters, Elena and Konstantin must overcome many adversaries all whilst dealing with the undeniable connection they share. But not everybody can be trusted and sometimes even those you love are not who they seem.



What is a Pakhan without an empress?

Three years have passed since the end of Kingpin’s Foxglove. Elena Falcone has left her new family and the man she loves, destroying her own heart in the process…the only thing she has left is the blond-haired, green-eyed boy who calls her ‘mama’.

When her son’s life is jeopardized, Elena finds her way back into Konstantin’s arms and is forced back into the world she once craved to be free from…

Since the betrayal that left his family tearing at the seams, Konstantin Tarkhanov has been fiercely ensuring his rule over Staten Island. In the midst of his growing darkness, a light forms in the shape of the woman who broke his heart…and the child they share.

However, Elena and Konstantin’s reunion is darkened by the shadows of their enemies. Tensions are growing in New York City, families are ending and blood soaks the sidewalks…Will the Tarkhanov Bratva rise to glory or will this empire fall before it even begins?

Bree Porter’s “Kingpin’s Foxglove,” the first installment in the Tarkhanov Empire duet, introduces captivating characters who transcend typical story figures, embodying complexity and depth. The protagonists, Elena and Konstantin Tarkhanov, present a compelling dance of opposites in this slow-burn romance, marked by meticulous attention to detail and a carefully constructed plot. Despite some predictability in twists, Bree’s storytelling prowess elevates the narrative into something extraordinary. “Kingpin’s Foxglove” concludes with a significant cliffhanger, leading to the sequel, “Empress of Poisons.”

“Empress of Poisons” unfolds three years later, with Elena navigating escape, alliances, and sacrifices while carrying Konstantin’s heir. The story maintains its allure through sizzling scenes and a rare, equal partnership between the protagonists. Departing from traditional mafia dynamics, Bree portrays Elena and Konstantin with strength and agency, challenging stereotypical roles. The intensified relationship, now centered on parenthood, unfolds authentically amid the fast-paced world of the Tarkhanov Empire. The narrative, enriched by unexpected alliances and tough choices, keeps readers engaged until the end. Despite thoroughly enjoying the first book, the second book app took an unexpected turn, introducing a shift in the narrative that may not align with the reader’s personal preferences. While I enjoyed the first book a lot, the second book fell short for me, but the fact remains that this was a superb read in the world of mafia romance.

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