Tangled in Obsession: A Vow of Hate by Lylah James | Dark Romance Must-Read!

Hey there, fellow book revelers!😊

Welcome to my very first edition of “Book Recommendation of the Week”! 🎉🎉📚✨ If you’re like me and you live for those heart-pounding romances that take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, buckle up because we’re about to dive into some seriously captivating read!🤩

This week, we’re diving headfirst into the irresistible world of dark romance with a handpicked book that’ll have you glued to your seat. Love, passion, danger… all wrapped up in one tantalizing package. Are you intrigued yet? Let’s get down to business!😉🌟💖


The following book has trigger warnings, and if you do not like dark romance themes, I would suggest not reading this book.


“Once upon a time…” Hate consumed him. Love wrecked me. That night changed both our lives, turning our beginning into something toxic. We were poison together and there was no antidote. Our story began like any other fairy tale ended. With a beautiful wedding. One kiss. Two rings. Three vows. Killian Spencer became my lawfully wedded husband and I, his dutiful wife. But he was no Prince Charming. He didn’t come to save me… and he vowed there would be no happily ever after. And me? Just like the legends I’d read as a little girl, I always thought I’d be the princess in my fairy tale. Well, I was the villain of our love story. “Till death do us part…”

You might want to hold onto your hats for this one, folks! We’re talking about Killian and Julianna, caught in a whirlwind of arranged marriages, tragic accidents, and vengeful promises. When Killian’s true love, Gracelynn, meets a heartbreaking end alongside Julianna, he’s out for blood. But as the plot thickens, you’ll find yourself on a wild ride of twists and turns you never saw coming! Seriously, this book had me hooked from page one. I’m telling you, the plot twists in this one had me doing double takes! Killian’s vow to make Julianna’s life a misery? Oh, it’s a rollercoaster, my friends! The Killian and Julianna saga is a tangled web of complicated emotions, highs, lows, and let’s not forget the frustration – because what’s a dark romance without a bit of that, right? HEHEHE😁😋🥰

If you’re ready to get hooked on a love story that’s equal parts thrilling and exasperating, A Vow of Hate is your next must-read. Happy reading, loves! 📖💖

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