A Throne-Worthy Book Review of Ana Huang’s ‘King of Wrath!

Hello, fellow book revelers! ✨✨✨ I’m back with a brand new riveting book review 😉✨

Today, let’s embark on a literary adventure into the captivating realm of romance, where passion, tension, and unexpected twists entwine to create stories that leave an indelible mark on our hearts. Romance, in its various shades, has the power to transport us into worlds of love, conflict, and desire. Whether you’re a seasoned romance novel enthusiast or just dipping your toes into this genre, there’s something enchanting about the dance between protagonists, the palpable chemistry, and the rollercoaster of emotions that ensue.

In this journey through the world of romantic literature, today we are delving into the pages of “King of Wrath” by Ana Huang 📖🌟

We will not merely scratch the surface; let’s unravel the layers of this narrative, dissecting character development, plot intricacies, writing style, and the emotional impact that makes “King of Wrath” a standout in the world of dark romance.

So buckle up for a royal review as we navigate the riches of this captivating tale, exploring the clash of wealth, the dance of power, and the evolution of a relationship.


This book has trigger warnings, and if you do not like dark romance themes, I would suggest not reading the book.

Without further ado, let the exploration of “King of Wrath” begin!🎉🎇✨


She’s the wife he never wanted…and the weakness he never saw coming.
Ruthless. Meticulous. Arrogant. 
Dante Russo thrives on control, both personally and professionally.
The billionaire CEO never planned to marry—
until the threat of blackmail forces him into an engagement with a woman he barely knows.
Vivian Lau, jewelry heiress and daughter of his newest enemy.
It doesn’t matter how beautiful or charming she is. He’ll do everything in his power to destroy the evidence and their betrothal.  
There’s only one problem: now that he has her…he can’t bring himself to let her go.
Elegant. Ambitious. Well-mannered.
Vivian Lau is the perfect daughter and her family’s ticket into the highest echelons of high society.
Marrying a blue-blooded Russo means opening doors that would otherwise remain closed to her new-money family.
While the rude, elusive Dante isn’t her idea of a dream partner, she agrees to their arranged marriage out of duty. 
Craving his touch was never part of the plan. 
Neither was the worst thing she could possibly do: fall in love with her future husband.

My Ratings:

Overall: 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Plot: 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Writing style: 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hero: 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Heroine: 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Romance: 4.5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Spice: 3.5 ⭐⭐⭐

My Review

Ana Huang’s “King of Wrath” marks the captivating initiation of the Kings of Sin series, introducing readers to the intriguing world of Dante Russo and Vivian Lau. Dante, the billionaire CEO of the Russo Group, crosses paths with Vivian, a jewelry heiress from the flourishing Lau family. Their story unfolds as an enemies-to-lovers tale, intricately woven with the complexities of an arranged marriage. Vivian finds herself unwittingly caught in a web of deceit orchestrated by her father to secure a union with Dante. The novel explores the clash between old and new money, family dynamics, and the evolution of a relationship set against wealth and power. Dante Russo and Vivian Lau aren’t just characters; they are vibrant personalities that come to life on the pages. Their journey, from initial animosity to a dance of tension, friendship, and love, is portrayed with a nuanced touch that makes their evolution feel organic. Ana expertly reveals the layers of vulnerability and strength within Dante and Vivian, allowing readers to connect deeply with their world. The dynamic layers of their personalities shape their decisions and actions throughout the narrative.

Ana Huang’s narrative craftsmanship is evident as she guides readers through a well-paced journey that combines tension, passion, and unexpected turns seamlessly. The initial tension between Dante and Vivian sets the stage for a narrative that relishes every step of the journey, not just the destination. The evolution of their relationship is portrayed with finesse, transitioning from animosity to a mesmerizing dance of connection. Ana skillfully navigates the delicate balance between revealing enough to satiate curiosity and holding back to maintain suspense. The plot unfurls in layers, adding depth and nuance to the overall narrative. The complexity of Dante and Vivian’s connection is explored with a keen eye for detail, capturing the intricacies of human emotion and the subtle shifts in their dynamic.

Ana Huang’s writing in “King of Wrath” is a beacon that beckons readers into a world where words are enchanting spells, weaving an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of the page. The writing style stands out as a hallmark of the novel’s allure, drawing readers into a rich tapestry of emotions, vivid settings, and the complex web of human connections. The narrative is not a distant observation; it’s a visceral experience that immerses readers in the characters’ internal landscapes. The book’s strengths lie in its well-crafted plot, compelling characters, and immersive writing style. While some may find the enemies-to-lovers trope familiar, Ana infuses it with freshness and authenticity. The seamless integration of characters from previous books adds a layer of nostalgia for dedicated readers. The narrative’s use of repeated time jumps is a minor hiccup, occasionally disrupting the gradual buildup of sexual tension. Despite this, “King of Wrath” remains compelling, showcasing Ana Huang’s narrative prowess. The desire for more glimpses into the uncharted territories of Dante and Vivian’s cohabitation is a testament to the Ana’s success in immersing readers deeply into the characters’ lives.

Final Thoughts

King of Wrath is recommended for those who relish intricately woven romance stories with rich character development and a touch of societal intrigue. Fans of Ana Huang’s previous works will find this a delightful addition to their collection. King of Wrath is a compelling introduction to the Kings of Sin series, leaving a lasting impression with its well-drawn characters, engaging plot, and thematic depth. It seamlessly blends romance, wealth, and power, promising an enthralling journey for readers.

Ana Huang is a #1 New York Times, Sunday Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and #1 Amazon bestselling author. Best known for her Twisted series, she writes New Adult and contemporary romance with deliciously alpha heroes, strong heroines, and plenty of steam, angst, and swoon. Her books have been translated in over two dozen languages and featured in outlets such as NPR, Cosmopolitan, Financial Times, and Glamour UK. A self-professed travel enthusiast, she loves incorporating beautiful destinations into her stories and will never say no to a good chai latte.

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