“Ultima Ratio” Will Mess You Up in the Best Way!

Hey guys, I am back with a new twist! This time, I want to introduce you to a new ship in HP fanfiction. Well, the ship isn’t new by any means, but it definitely is controversial. TOMIONE. Yup, you guessed it right. It’s the ship name of the fictional characters Tom Riddle and Hermione Granger. For those unfamiliar, Tomione exists solely in the realm of fanfiction. It explores a hypothetical romance between the brilliant witch Hermione and the dark and brooding Tom Riddle. This ship hinges on the idea of “what if,” taking characters on a path drastically different from their canon counterparts. Of course, Tomione isn’t for everyone. The dark nature of Tom Riddle can be off-putting for some readers. And, of course, these stories never portray their true characters because, let’s be honest, THAT would not make any sense in terms of a romantic relationship. Anyway, I enjoy reading this ship, so if you can separate these characters from the original book and characterization, you will love this book. 

Trigger warning:

This is Tomione, so obviously, this fanfiction is heavy on explicit and dark themes. Please check trigger warnings, or if you are not into dark romance, avoid reading this.


Ultima ratio – the last resort. At last the day of the Final Battle against Lord Voldemort has come. Harry, Ron and Hermione fight bravely against their nemesis – but then something goes wrong. And Hermione finds herself alone in a precarious situation.

Chapter: 54

Rating: Mature

This is a great story for those who enjoy alternate universe plots, the dynamics of an unlikely alliance, and romance. Though Hermione’s character sometimes felt, “I’m not like other girls! I am different,” overall, I enjoyed reading this fanfic. It was definitely not what I am used to reading (DRAMIONE), but nonetheless, it is worth reading.

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