A Dark Hermione Love Affair: The Slytherin Princess by Cleotheo

Greetings, fellow book revelers & Dramione devotees! 😉

It’s time for another spellbinding edition of my “Book Recommendation of the Week” series, and oh boy, do I have a treat for you! 🎉 We’re diving headfirst into the world of Dramione, but hold onto your broomsticks because this isn’t your typical fanfic ride. No, this time we’re delving deep into the mysterious and shadowy persona of  Dark Hermione. 💀✨

“Accio Book Recommendation of the Week!” 🌟🔮✨ And my pick is none other than “Slytherin Princess” by Cleotheo


Just be warned, these are not the classic characters from Harry Potter World; these are dark with darker plot themes, so if that is not your cup of tea, I suggest not reading this fanfic.


When The Dark Lord returns, Hermione Granger is finally free to discard her muggleborn identity and embrace her true self as Voldemort’s daughter, which includes taking her rightful place as a Slytherin. But becoming the Slytherin Princess is not as easy as Hermione expected and she finds herself with more enemies than she imagined.

Rated: M

In this gripping fanfic, the Dark Lord is back with a vengeance, and Hermione finds herself making a jaw-dropping decision. Say goodbye to her Muggleborn roots. and guess who she teams up with? None other than Voldemort himself! 🤯🤯 Now, Hermione embraces her role as the Slytherin Princess, ready to shake things up in ways nobody saw coming. But hold onto your wands, folks, ’cause it’s not all pumpkin juice and Quidditch matches. 🧹 Hermione’s journey to the dark side comes at a cost, and navigating the treacherous waters of Slytherin isn’t exactly a walk in the Forbidden Forest. As Hermione transforms into Dark Hermione, she’s not just challenging her old alliances; she’s flipping the magical world upside down! 🔄 Get ready for a wild ride where unicorns and rainbows are traded for intrigue, tension, and a saga that’s about to redefine the boundaries of magic itself. 🦄🌈✨ Are you ready to have your wizarding world turned upside down? Accio Slytherin Princess! 🌟🔮💀

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