Book Recommendation: A Spotlight on Rina Kent’s Monster Trilogy!

Hello, fellow book revelers!😉

Ready to dive into another epic read with me? Buckle up because I am back this week with my latest edition of “Book Recommendation of the Week.”🎉 I have a little surprise for you because this week’s pick is none other than the Monster Trilogy by the incredible Rina Kent! 😍🤗☺

Without further ado, let’s dive in! 🏊‍♀️😉💖


This series has trigger warnings and is not meant for everyone. If you do not like dark romance themes, I would suggest not reading this series.


I’m out for revenge. He’s out to rule the world.
Kirill and I are as different as day and night.
We shouldn’t have been in the same frame or universe.
But we meet under the strangest circumstances.
He’s my superior in the military and the man who’ll introduce me to carnage.
His charm and exterior perfection shouldn’t have tempted me.
Behind the smokescreen lurks a manipulative emotionless monster.
And that monster might find out all my secrets, including the reason why I’m pretending to be a man.
He might also lure me to the point of no return.


In our brutal world, there’s no such thing as the truth.
Lies overflow until they become a reality.
But I’m determined to uncover what happened to my family.
One problem, though.
My monster, Kirill.
We are not the same anymore.
It’s become hard to trust one another.
But it’s downright impossible to stay away from each other.
It’s mad, chaotic, and wrong, but it’s us.
And we might have to pay for it with blood.


I’m a man with no morals or feelings.
The only reason I made it this far is to reign.
Nothing and no one will stop me.
Or that should’ve been the plan.
Now, my only goal is to get back the woman who belongs to me.
Sasha thinks it’s all over, but we’re only getting started.
She’s my woman. My partner. My wife.

Okay, let me just say, I was totally sucked into this trilogy from page one! It’s all about Sasha, aka Aleksander, who’s on a mission to uncover the truth behind her family’s tragic past. And guess what? She’s not holding back on the revenge front either! But hold onto your seats because we’ve got Kirill Morozov in the mix too! He’s this brooding, stone-cold heir to a massive empire, and let me tell you, the chemistry between him and Sasha is off the charts! Plot twists? Oh yeah, these books have ’em in spades! Some I totally saw coming, but overall, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions and surprises. And can we talk about the romance? Swoon! Rina Kent really knows how to deliver those heart-pounding, steamy moments! Kirill falling head over heels for Sasha had me cheering – it’s the kind of love story we all secretly crave.💖

Rina Kent’s writing style is like a literary addiction, and if you’re into dark romance or already a fan of her universe, this trilogy is a MUST-READ. Trust me, you won’t be able to put it down! 📖✨


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