Love in the Shadows: Anticipating the Best Dark Romance Books of 2024 – My Personal Picks

Hey there, fellow book revelers! 🖤✨

Get ready to indulge in the twisted allure of love and passion with the highly anticipated Dark Romance book released in 2024!   If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly looking for a soul-stirring read that keeps you glued to the pages well past bedtime. Well, fear not because 2024 is shaping up to be an absolute banger for dark romance enthusiasts! 🌑💔

I’ve donned my detective hat, scrolled through countless release schedules, and brewed up a cup of excitement to bring you the ultimate scoop on the TOP anticipated dark romance book releases destined to rock your literary world this year. 🖤✨  From forbidden love affairs to twisted mysteries and everything in between, these upcoming releases promise to be a rollercoaster of emotions, leaving you gasping for breath and craving more. So buckle up, grab your favorite reading blanket, and dive headfirst into the shadowy world of passion, suspense, and exploding desire. 🌪️📚

Let’s unveil the dark and mysterious gems that have secured a prime spot on my reading list for 2024. Let the countdown to literary bliss begin! 🎉📆


These books are dark romance genres with themes that are not meant for everyone, so if you are not into dark romance books, I suggest you avoid reading these books.

This will be the final book in the Dark Verse series, and oh boy, I can’t wait for this one. All the couples will be in it, and with how the annihilator ended, this will be a blast of all things dark. Currently, there is no release date; however, it is expected to be released sometime this year.

God of War by Rina Kent


I fell for the villain.
It happened back when I was a clueless girl.
But he ruthlessly broke my heart and trapped it in a jar.
Since then, I’ve sworn to hate him to the end of my days.
Eli King might be a savage devil, but I’m out of his way. And league.
That is until I wake up in a hospital and find him holding my hand.
He tells me the words that change my life forever.
“We got married two years ago, Mrs. King.”
So I set out to investigate how I landed myself into this marriage.
Turns out, my memories are darker than my present.
I thought I was ready for the hurricane.
I thought I could handle his soulless eyes and cold shoulder.
I thought wrong.
Nothing can stop my husband.
Not the secrets surrounding us.
Not the hatred between us.
Not even me.

I think no list of mine is complete without Rina Kent. This book will be about Eli King and Ava Nash, my most awaited second-generation couple. This book will be released on 13 June, 2024.



I don’t have to hide behind a mask anymore.

I rule New York, and now all I have to do is finish what I started ten years ago.

To destroy the man who took my life from me.

No one can get in my way.

That is until I am arrested for murder and have my first taste of Detective Zara O’Reilly.

The woman hell bent on ruining my plans.

She thinks I don’t know she’s watching my every move, waiting to drag me back into that prison cell.

She can pretend I’m the enemy all she likes.

In reality, she craves me as much as I do her.

No matter how much we fight it.

My stalker becomes my obsession.

She doesn’t realize the power she holds, not only over me, but the city.

Together we will be unstoppable… if she lets me break her.

This will be released soon (January 31, 2024). I wasn’t exactly a fan of this series entirely, but the teasers from this book have me waiting for it. This book features Frankie and Zara as the main characters.

The Prisoner's Throne by Holly Black


An imprisoned prince. A vengeful queen. And a battle that will determine the future of Elfhame.

Prince Oak is paying for his betrayal. Imprisoned in the icy north and bound to the will of a monstrous new queen, he must rely on charm and calculation to survive. With High King Cardan and High Queen Jude willing to use any means necessary to retrieve their stolen heir, Oak will have to decide whether to attempt regaining the trust of the girl he’s always loved or to remain loyal to Elfhame and hand over the means to end her reign—even if it means ending Wren, too.

With a new war looming on the horizon and treachery lurking in every corner, neither Oak’s guile nor his wit will be enough to keep everyone he loves alive. It’s just a question of whom he will doom.

HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE? AND WHY AM I ONLY FINDING OUT ABOUT IT NOW? This is the second book of the The Stolen Heir duet, which is expected to be released on March 5, 2024.


A rumored sorceress. A villainous scoundrel. An ancient castle. What could go wrong?

A woman in hiding, Lenore Emmeranne finds herself at Verenmore after a series of unfortunate events, hoping it would be a clean slate for her. Keeping her head down and blending into the shadows, she simply wants to rest her feet before taking off again.

A man in power, Draven Constantine knows every crack and crevice of the castle. So when he finds her, it breaks his ennui and piques his interest, and their descent into doom begins.

Set in 1872 at the University of Verenmore, death, deceit, and darkness invade the mountain. Something beyond the understanding is at play, slithering down the spine as Lenore and Draven weave through lies, sink into lust and hold onto life.

Another anticipated book by RuNyxARKANA is a dark, historical, gothic romance. What we know of it from the author is,

The chilling world of ARKANA is a tale as mysterious as the secluded castle it unfolds in. A morally black male character oozing intrigue and a dark, strange female counterpart. Picture a masquerade ball so scandalous it becomes legendary. Set in the late 1800s, this story will blur the line between psychological and paranormal, taking you on a wild ride of secrets and spicy scenes. But wait, there’s more! Misty woods, ominous dungeons, majestic horses, and even some scandalous cults thrown into the mix. It’s a visual feast – a dark and spicy aesthetic that’ll keep you hooked. We are ready to be shook! 🔮🏰

It is expected to be released this year.

Fierce Obsession by S. Massery


Knox Whiteshaw is my husband.

He’s also an egotistical psychopath who refuses to divorce me—even when I ask nicely.

It doesn’t matter that I’m trying to move on with the goalie of his NHL team. Knox is dead set on ruining everything.

My upcoming wedding, my future, my sanity…

The man can hold a grudge like no other, and I am public enemy number one. I have been for six years, ever since he threatened me and stormed out of my life.

Now that we’re forced back in each others’ lives, it’s only a matter of who will break first: him or me.

This book is about Knox Whiteshaw. And if it is anything like the previous books, then we are in for a fun ride. This book is expected to be released on February 16, 2024.

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