No Redemption Without Sin: A Candid Review of Sinners Anonymous!

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I am back with an all-new book review! 😊✨ I will dive into the world of “Sinners Anonymous” by the incredible Somme Sketcher – the first installment of the Sinners Anonymous Series! 💫✨ In true book enthusiast fashion, I’m here to spill all the tea and give you the lowdown on what to expect from this book. 🍵💬 But first, let’s talk honesty – my trusty guide on this literary journey. 🗣️💯 Prepare yourselves for an honest review. No sugar-coating here, just the real deal! 🚫🍭 I TRY TO WRITE MY REVIEWS WITHOUT GIVING OUT ANY SPOILER.

So, without further ado, it’s time to spill the tea! ☕️


Before reading “Sinners Anonymous by Somme Sketcher,” check out the trigger warnings, as this book follows themes unsuitable for everyone.


My fiancé’s nephew knows every sin I’ve ever committed. He’s about to become the deepest and darkest of them all.

My name is Rory Carter and I do bad things.

There’s a charred soul under this angelic exterior and sometimes, I wonder if my weekly confessions to the Sinners Anonymous hotline will be enough to heal it.

Marrying the seventy-something head of the Cosa Nostra to save my father is the only good deed I’ve ever done.

I’m burning and bitter under the fake smile and tight dresses, but I was keeping it together.


Until my fiancé’s nephew turns up to dinner uninvited.

Angelo ‘Vicious’ Visconti.

A beautiful monster with cheekbones as sharp as his tongue.

They say I shouldn’t be scared of him, because nine years ago, he went straight.

He’s barely a Made Man anymore.

But I say, he’s the most dangerous Visconti of all.

It’s not just because his cold sneer makes my pulse flutter.

Or the way his syrupy drawl trickles down my spine.

No. He holds all of my sins in his big, rough hands.

And the only sins darker than mine are his own.

My Rating:

Overall: 3 ⭐⭐⭐

Plot: 3 ⭐⭐⭐

Hero: 3 ⭐⭐⭐

Heroine: 3 ⭐⭐⭐

Romance: 3.5 ⭐⭐⭐

Sinners Anonymous is Book 1 of the Sinners Anonymous Series by Somme Sketcher. First and foremost, Somme Sketcher’s writing style is compelling, and it is effortlessly capable of drawing readers into the enthralling world of the book. Let’s meet the main characters, Rory and Angelo, in the tumultuous waters of a forbidden love affair. Rory is engaged to Angelo’s much older uncle (a whopping 70 years old!), giving us all the forbidden love vibes. 😱💘 I have seen many people online say this book draws comparisons to Sweetest Oblivion, but hold up! It’s not a copycat situation. I do not see the similarities as much that it can be said that it is a copy of it. I found the plot a tad predictable; the trope has been done many times, so many scenes or situations might feel similar to other books of the same genre. The plot was not so mysterious for me, with Rory being engaged for personal reasons (shocker!), who meets Angelo, a mafia man with a mysterious return to the underworld. Their first Cliffside meeting and the slow-burn connection were nice enough! 🔥🌄 I expected a badass heroine with heavy depth because of how the book starts, but she was pretty childish. As for Angelo, I think he was a bit indecisive. There was nothing too exciting about him as he was a stereotyped alpha hero. While this book was not something I would read again, I must say I did enjoy reading it; it’s just that it didn’t vibe with me in the long run. BTW, I REALLY ENJOYED READING THIS SERIES ‘ SECOND AND THIRD BOOKS. I can vouch that they’re a significant improvement over the first installment.

All being said, the first book is a decent choice for those seeking dark romance without diving too deep into the abyss. 🖤 So, if you’re looking for a dark romance that’s not too heavy, Sinners Anonymous might be the perfect addition to your reading list! 🎢📚

Somme Sketcher is an internationally bestselling author of dark and mafia romance. She is best known for her Sinners Anonymous series and for writing the slowest of the slow burns (for which she is not sorry at all). When she’s not writing, you’ll find her trying to find a new hobby, like pottery (rubbish at it), ice skating (rubbish at that too), or listening to true crime podcasts. She also loves dogs and doesn’t trust those who don’t.

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